Panel Discussion and Conference

The anticipated consequences of the Covid-19 crisis in the spring of 2020 reaffirm the need to reflect on the stability and future-fitness of our global and local economic systems. What are the implications of the fact that a three-month lockdown appeared as life-threatening to our economies? How are we to shape economic life so that the conceivable future amounts to more than the response to economic necessities?

During the conference, scholars from the fields of economics, management and economic ethics will discuss problematic aspects of the way in which, today, we ensure economic subsistence as a basis for our way of life, and suggest possible reforms and desirable emendations. The conference will be preceded by a panel discussion with sustainability experts, representatives of local economic and political institutions; next to alternative technical solutions for a sustainable future, it will also address the question of the sources from which, in the first place, we draw the idea of a future that we would like to make possible.

Limited space available. Please register – deadline 3 december (2 pm) – here.